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I'll be at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo from April 27 -29 promoting Clutch! Swing by our both and say hi!
I'm currently in L.A. attending L.A. Webfest with the creator and some of the cast of Clutch. Come see our panel of Friday, and be sure to check out our screenings!
04/04/2012 is now live!!

Matthew Carvery is a Toronto based actor. Born in Montreal, Quebec, his family moved to Victoria, British Columbia when Matthew was three. It was there that he got his first taste of acting, performing the role of Linus Van Pelt in a local church production of A Charlie Brown Christmas at the age of five. As the youngest member of the cast, Matthew received much attention for his performance in the role and he quickly decided that this was what he was going to do with the rest of his life.

He attended Esquimalt High where he participated heavily in the Theatre, and Musical Theatre Programs and became involved in local community theatre. He briefly attended UVicís Theatre program before packing up and moving to Toronto, to pursue a career in film and television. He quickly found himself working in the independent film industry in Toronto, and in fact landed the lead in the very first short film he auditioned for, entitled No Joy, No Pain. He went on to be involved in the critically acclaimed Hitlerís Canadians, where his performance of Captain G.E. Brent was very well received, the award winning short film Zombie Jesus and, more recently, the series Clutch, which has been nominated for several awards.

Matthew also has shown an interest in writing, and has co-created the series The Hood with fellow writer Charles Baranagan, which is currently entertaining offers. Matthew has also written two episodes and helped produce the second season of Clutch which will begin airing in late fall 2012.

Height: 5'7Ē Weight: 175lbs Hair: Black Eyes: Blue/Green

Pete Winning and the Pirates Supporting/BanditWinning Swashbuckler Pictures/Jason Leaver
The Gate Supporting/Alvin The Gate/Jason Leaver
Chance Supporting/Josh Kegan Sant/Rob Comeau
Thumbs Up Lead/Quenton York University/Dylan Pouliot
Syphon of the Soul Supporting/Aasim Moveme Films/Wil Wong
Clutch Season 1 Lead/Matt Mojoprofims/Jonathan Robbins
Bikers Supporting/ Walter Stadnick Bikers IV/ Michelle Metivier
Supernatural Investigator Principal/Sandford Ellison Riddle Films/Douglas Williams
Wrongly Convicted Principal/Ronald Dalton Schafer-Thurling/Peter Thurling
Final 24: Janis Joplin Principal/Ken Pearson Next Films/Chris Boyd
I Love you to Death Principal/Andrew Ryerson/Claire Callaway
Zombie Jesus Principal/ Jehovah Zombie Ryerson/Steve Miller
Hitler's Canadians Principal/ Captain Brent Storyline Entertainment/Douglas Williams
Loony Bin Lead/Elmer York University/James Elsdon
A Little Unkind (Pilot) Principal/Marc Equuleus Entertainment/Divya DíSouza
Psychic Investigators Principal/Elliot Quy Nextfilm/Tim Conrad
Jesus for Prom King Principal/Teacher Ryerson/Kim Sison
Terry Fox PSA SOC Softlight Productions
Everything Bad Lead/Robert York University/Will Beauchamp
Leading Ebb Lead/Peter Give a Damn Productions
Photo-Reaction Lead/Jordan Give a Damn Productions
The Sex Files ĖPorn/Media, Fetishes, Polygamy Actor Discovery Channel Canada

At My Hearts Core Lead/Edmund On Kew Players/Catherine Driscoll
I Bet Your Life Lead/Gregory On Kew Players/Rhonda Smythe
City Lead/Tony Kaleidoscope
An Inspector Calls Lead/Gerald Masques, Victoria BC
The Mousetrap Supporting/Paravicini St. Lukeís Players

Meisner Technique Jason Fraser
Meisner Technique John Riven
Audition Workshop Lewis Kay Casting
Audition Workshop Neil Schell
Improv Levels A-E Second City/Rochelle Wilson
On Camera Audition (10 Weeks) Richard McKenna
On Camera Scene Study (8 Weeks) Richard McKenna
From Stage to Screen Linda Darlow/Theatre BC
Stage Combat Peter Hall/Theatre BC
1st Year Theatre Program Margo Regan/University of Victoria
Theatre/Musical Theatre Programs Aubrey Cobham/Esquimalt High

Bass Guitar (Professional), Kung-Fu (Beginner), Guitar (Intermediate), Swimming, Bike Riding, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Rugby, Cricket

- Clutch
- Syphon of the Soul
- Hitler's Canadians
- Zombie Jesus
- Jason Fraser - Meisner Technique
- Jeff Sinasac - Actor
- Elitsa Bako - Actress
- Jonathan Robbins - Actor/Director
- Denise Grant - Photographer
- Lindsay Lyon